These fairies are made using polymer clay. Sculptey brand is the stuff I use. Work until pliable and then sculpt and bake at a low temperature until it hardens like porcelain. I make the rest of the fairy using items I find around the house. Old torn up pieces of fabric, broken barbies (for the hair), and old mismatched costume jewelry. I made between $20-$40 per fairy on eBay with these little amateur creations. If you type in OOAK in the search bar on eBay, you will find hundreds of these creepy little things for sale. Some of the professional sculptors get hundreds of dollars for their masterpieces! If your feeling creative, give it a try. I had the most fun with the wings on the first fairy you see pictured. They are made from melted candy wrappers! The gothic fairy was taken from inspiration from my oldest daughter who was going through a goth phase at the time.

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  1. Ginny Foust says:

    Those are really cute and seem like a great way to earn some extra money in your spare time.

  2. Jugnu Sehgal says:

    My teacher sent me to this site, and she is totally right,
    Keep up all your excellent work.