When it comes to decorating on the cheap, we are becoming professionals. Our youngest daughter has a caviar taste and we have a hot dog budget! We were able to save a ton of money remodeling her room by incorporating a few ideas below.

Most of the furniture was sanded, painted, and sealed ourselves using an orbital sander and high gloss black paint. It takes some time but I think it is worth the effort for the money saved. The mirror to her vanity was an old dresser mirror that was fitted with a black frame. The lights above the vanity were installed in a former bathroom of ours and repurposed. The zebra border that you see circling the room is actually that fancy duct tape that is so popular now. My daughters also use the stuff to make bracelets! It has been up over a year now with no peeling or fading and still looks fantastic. You can find discounted paint by finding the *mistake* area at your home improvement store. This is the spot where they keep all the paint that was mixed and then the customer changes their minds after seeing the horrifying color. Luckily for us, our daughter wanted some bright and unusual colors. I made the pillows out of table napkins from the dollar store. The curtains around the bed area were made from discounted fabric from Wal-Mart and seams were done with fabric glue…no sewing! Her closet door was removed and we simply hung a $10 zebra shower curtain. The pictures on the walls were printed directly from our computer using high gloss photo paper. I framed the pictures with cheap dollar store black frames. I then hot glued some zebra ribbon on to hang them up and give them a really cute look. She even got brand new windows for her room. They were listed under the free items on Craigslist. Since they were really close to the size we needed, my dad and husband were able to frame them in without too much trouble at all! I also found some finishing touches at our local thrift store. All and all, I think we did pretty good!

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  1. Ginny Foust says:

    You really have some great ideas for redecorating at a very reasonable price, especially for those of us who can’t afford a lot. Times are tough and a lot of people are trying to save money any way they can.