I am always looking for information to make life easier. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, and love when I find tips I can utilize there.

I have gathered the top tips ever for making the most out of your time spent in the kitchen.

1. Coffee filters. Use them to clean windows, as a cover when heating food in the microwave, and to line plant pots with; so the dirt doesn’t seep through the drainage holes.

2. Keep an old butter container or coffee can with a lid filled with a mild bleach solution and a dish rag. It’s a handy way to wipe counters and clean spills in a jiffy. You can use it for a good week before changing the bleach solution!

3. Keep the vase of flowers on your table fresher for longer by adding an aspirin to the water.

4. Store fancy (company) dishes and utensils in a Rubbermaid container under your bed. Your kitchen should only be housing the convenient items you use all of the time.

5. Limit one drawer only for writing utensils, note pads, scotch tape, paperclips, rubber bands, etc.

6. Keep coupons in a compartmentalized laminated scrap book page. This way you can see all of them in a hurry when grabbing them for the market.

7. Microwaves are dirty creatures on the inside. To clean quickly and easily, simply place a damp sponge or rag on the inside and heat it up for a minute or two. The steam will loosen grime and spills and you can gently wipe it clean.

8. Run white vinegar through your coffee maker once a month. Then repeat with plain water a few runs. This will keep it clean on the inside and keep clogs from slowing the brewing process. (I’m in a huge hurry when I wake up to have my coffee…Pronto!)

9. Keep a dry/erase board on the fridge. Jot down items you run out of right when you run out. Also write what you plan on making for dinner to keep the kids from all asking individually…”What’s for dinner?”

10.  When making meatballs, use a small ice cream scoop. That way they will all be the same size and will cook more evenly.

11. Use a dab of toothpaste to clean fine silver. It works just as good as expensive silver cleaners.

12. If you microwave garlic cloves for 10-15 seconds, the skins will slip right off!

13.  You can freeze leftover wine in ice cube trays for quick flavor cubes for stews, sauces, and casseroles.

14.  Drain deep fried foods on brown paper grocery bags. They will soak up the grease and the food will stay crispy.

15. Dental floss (unflavored) works great for slicing soft cheeses and cheese cakes.

16. Keep freshly baked cookies in a container with a piece of white bread. It will keep the cookies soft and chewy.

17. Keep a counter top compost collector. Makes it easy to collect kitchen scraps for you compost bin and keeps you from running outside constantly with your food waste in hand.

18. Cover the inside of your pantry door with chalk-board paint. You can make yourself reminders when you use the last of something.

19. Tired of waiting for butter to soften for your favorite recipe? Just grate it with a cheese grater onto a plate. The smaller pieces will soften in just a minute or two!

20. If your having trouble peeling your kiwi fruit, simply slice both ends off and slip a spoon between the flesh and the skin. Then just curve around the fruit until entire skin comes off in one piece!

Do you have any useful time savers for the kitchen? Any tips or tricks for cleaning or cooking in the kitchen?

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  1. slowborg says:

    10,14,16 & 18 are my favourites! I love posts with lists like this lol 😀

    I don’t really have any tips of my own, time saving is not my forte – when you do a 20 Ways To Successfully Waste An Entire Day rest assured I will have many extra helpful tips for the comments 😀

    Great read this post thank you!

  2. P&B says:

    Never thought of lining plants pots with coffee filters, great idea. Thanks.

  3. Lydia Street says:

    Wow! I need to do #5. And #19 is pure genius. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah, I have to work at #5 myself, as we tend to end up with multiple junk drawers. And yes, #19 has come in handy when I have people coming and no time to waste. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Some useful tips there!

  5. mixmakegrow says:

    Love #7, hate cleaning the microwave :/ This tip will definitely get some use!

  6. Thanks for commenting, it really works!

  7. Aspirin to make flowers last longer – who woulda known! Defos trying that out! And the microwave cleaning tip. Way to quicken up cleaning for sures!! Awesome post 😛

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    I’m reblogging this from createityourself so I definitely remember to do these things myself 🙂

  9. I like to keep a fresh flower vase on my table, but I didn’t know how to keep it a long period. So you have given a good idea to it and I will surely add that point.

  10. Gina's Professions for PEACE says:

    Oh my GOSH this blog is amazing. I am so glad I found you through Silver Bells’ reblog. However I feel terribly humbled that your blog is everything I hope to do with my second blog P.E.A.C.E. ~ but yours here is incredible. From heating with wood, to natural medicine… even growing veggies indoors! I’m excited to follow and read all through here. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful resource. Warm hugs, Gina

    • Thank you sooo much! I really appreciate the positive feedback, and look forward to reading your blog!

      • Gina's Professions for PEACE says:

        Thank YOU so much. I know my link here in a comment goes directly to my philosophy page so I hope you’ll also find your way over to my ‘green’ blog too.

  11. Very good and clever!!! THANKS