Thanks to Alyssa from for nominating me.

Rules of acceptance:

  • Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  • Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself. -Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
  • Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

Here are seven things you may not know about me:

  1. I am extremely shy. The internet has been a blessing for me!
  2. Although I am not outwardly religious, I have an extraordinary faith in God.
  3. I was quite a wild child back in the 80’s.
  4. My family means everything to me.
  5. I enjoy a good gin and tonic every now and then, I used to be a beer drinker.
  6. My dream is to own some land and grow nearly ALL of our own food.
  7. I worry too much, and I hate getting old.

Here are some of the blogs I love reading and would like to pass this on to (Wish I could choose more):


Thanks again for the nomination!

17 responses

  1. Congrats and thanks for the mention! Much appreciated. Been quiet here the last few days, but, I’ll get back bloggin’ today.

  2. Anonymous says:

    congrats on this,if i blogged more i would be honored to be nominated!! I am so happy for you! keep on blogging!

  3. slowborg says:

    I’m so excited by my nomination you have made my month!
    When my laptop Internet is topped up I will pay forward my nominations 🙂
    Yay yay yay lol

  4. Gina's Professions for PEACE says:

    Congratulations to you on this award. And I am humbled (and delighted!) to be included on your list! Thank you so much. I look forward to visiting the other blogs on the list that I haven’t visited yet. Thanks again. Cheers, Gina

  5. babso2you says:

    Thank you so much for the nomination! I humbly accept it and will be posting a blog shortly. Hugs to you! I am overwhelmed!

  6. Treesa says:

    This is lovely. Thank you for the nomination!

  7. Congrats on being nominated. 🙂

  8. Hope you achieve your dreams!
    And I’ll have a look at the blogs you’ve listed 🙂

  9. lazybeautyblog says:

    Thank you so much for the nomination! I’m truly honored. I’ve also nominated you back for this and for the Versatile Blogger Award because I think you’re fantastic. Check out the nomination on my awards page

  10. Alyssa says:

    Congratulations! You so deserve it! 🙂

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  13. Thank you for th nomination and your great support! I will post about this week!!