Most of these are great projects to do with the kids.

1. Modeling clay: Most recipes call for flour or cornstarch and are really simple to put together. Find some recipes here:

2. Root beer: Here’s a recipe that sounds really good.  It is made with vanilla, wintergreen, ginger, licorice, and sarsaparilla.

3. Kites: Simple diamond shape kite instructions are everywhere on the internet!

4. Bubbles: Make gallons of the stuff for practically nothing!

5. Lava lamp: You can find out how to make your own by clicking here:

6. Hula hoop: Making your own using poly tubing. Instructions found by clicking here:

7. Crayons: You can make your own with food coloring and ivory soap flakes.

8. Finger paint: I used this recipe for years when my kids were little!

9. Incense: This site is awesome and teaches you how to make your own.

10. Sparklers, smoke bombs, fireworks: check out

11. Snowshoes: Find out different ways of making them here:

12. Paper: You can make all different kinds with all different textures.

13. Flip-flops: These sandals are made using fabric scraps of your own choosing and are really cute!

14. Piñata: Lots of great ideas and inspirations for making your own custom piñata.

15. Snow sled: This is so cool! It is made out of pallets.

16. Rubber stamps: Straightforward instructions using erasers.

17. Hydroponics’ Nutrients solution:

18. Easy bake oven mixes: I remember buying the mixes and they were so pricey.

19. Slip and slide: I am going to have my husband make one for our kids ASAP. Too fun!

20. Light Saber: My teenage son is in to star wars and is going to like this one!

What kind of fun stuff do you make yourself? Please share!

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  1. Heather says:

    Terrific list! Thank you. Bookmarking this 🙂

  2. Should my daughter ever use up her mountain of pens, pencils and crayons (and not get anymore as presents from others) I will definitely try out your suggestion. I think she will enjoy that, too!

  3. coville123 says:

    Some great ideas I’m going too try some with the kids!

  4. lucindalines says:

    I LOVE this information!

  5. slowborg says:

    I will be looking at making incense who knew!

  6. coville123 says:

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