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Strange title, I know. But I was humming this tune by Baha Men the entire time I was mixing my latest and greatest coconut oil concoction. It’s been almost two years since my last post, but I decided to take a time out and share my new discovery. Coconut oil. Yes, I know the internet is saturated with blogs about coconut oil, but I may have come up with a few unique ideas you haven’t heard of yet. Who knows!

Since I am really feeling (and looking) my age lately, I began scouring the web for something natural to put on my face to protect against further lines and wrinkles. The most common ingredients that kept popping up as a base were shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe, olive oil, and of course coconut oil.


Needless to say, I chose coconut oil due to many reviewers saying it was a better choice for sensitive skin and frequent breakouts. (I still break out like a teenager if I’m not careful!)

Here is a recipe for my creation. I will explain why I chose each ingredient so that you can understand why I added it.

½ shot glass extra strong brewed Organic Green Tea with Ginseng. (Cooled)
½ shot glass extra strong brewed Organic Coffee. (Made with freshly ground beans and cooled.)
½ cup tightly packed Coconut Oil
1/4 cup Pure Aloe Vera Gel
3 Co-Q-10 gel caps (total of 300 mcg)
3 Vitamin E gel caps. (total of 600 IU)
2 Vitamin C liquid soft gels. (total of 1000 mg)

You could stop here, but I also added about a teaspoon of Loreal Revitalift for the Pro-Retinol A, and peptides.

I used an immersion blender which made my cream beautifully creamy and luxurious. I tried it on my elbows first; just in case I had some sort of reaction. I was amazed! My tough elbows were instantly smoothed and hydrated. No redness or irritation what-so-ever. So I moved on to my face and the sensitive, thinning skin under my eyes. Perfectomundo! My face felt awesome, and when I woke up the next day…even better! Needless to say, I am now using it all over my body, and have also begun using the plain coconut oil to condition my hair. It’s glorious, and I can’t believe I have not tried this sooner! Anther use I found, was that I could mix it with a bit of corn starch and baking soda, and it makes a great deodorant that really works.

Further more, because I my growing intolerance to floury, glutany products (and weight gain), last night I mixed old fashioned oats, diced dates, some coconut oil, walnuts, and some organic egg whites, and made a delicious granola bar type dessert.

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So why did I choose the ingredients for my skin cream?

Green tea with Ginseng: Anti-inflammatory, gently caffeinated, chocked full of anti-oxidants. Ginseng activates skin renewal of cells and improves elasticity.
Coffee: The caffeine has an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces redness, wakes up tired eyes, and creates and even skin tone.
Coconut Oil: Antimicrobial, rich in essential fatty acids, proteins for rejuvenation and cell renewal, moisturizes without feeling greasy.
Aloe: Antibacterial, moisturizing, antioxidant rich, used for 1000’s of years for beautiful skin. (Tried and true!)
Co-Q-10: Neutralizes free radicals and has powerful antioxidant protection. As you age, the naturally occurring Co-Q-10 diminishes in the body.)
Vitamin E: Leaves a protective barrier on the skin, locking in moisture and keeping skin glowing and supple.)
Vitamin C: Produces collagen that will improve elasticity. Proven to be nearly as effective as retinol in the more expensive creams!

So there you have it. I encourage anyone that is looking for an inexpensive, natural,and effective alternative to those expensive, chemical-laden creams to give it a try! Cheers!

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